2020 Safe Standing Rail Seat

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Addressing The Causes & Effects Of Persistent Standing

The recent trend towards standing in seated areas at football matches can have a very detrimental effect on fans’ match day experiences.

Due to persistent standing many struggle to see, which in turn leads to the atmosphere often becoming confron­ta­tional because those standing defy the requests of stewards and those around them to sit down.

Many are excluded from the most popular areas because they are shorter than everyone else or have a disability. ­Others feel unsafe standing in a seated area because they worry that they might fall over the back of the seat in the row in front of them. The ‘ground-breaking’ 2020 seat allows people to sit during matches without their sight-lines being compromised by those standing around them.­ The product also allows disabled fans the opportunity to sit with friends and enjoy uninterrupted views of a game.

Now, for the first time these problems have a solution. ­ Already approved as consistent with the UK Government’s all-seated stadium policy, the 2020 seat requires a paradigm shift to really understand the benefits that it brings for fans. For those building new stadiums or stands the cost of construction can be significantly reduced as the whole building can be lower if 2020 seats are included in the design.

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