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Stadium Advisory Services was founded in 2007 by Noel Jeffs, after 25 years service including his tenure as the Stadium Director and Client Representative at Wembley Stadium, London, during the design development, licensing, opening and ongoing operational phases of the new stadium. Our company has since gained a reputation and proven track record for providing stadium operational consultancy and management services to clients including project managers, design teams and stadium owners and operators on over twenty international stadium projects including four multi-functional, high capacity national stadia and a large number of football and rugby club stadia in England, mainland Europe, Canada, Russia and the Middle East.

Our consultancy and management services delivery are benchmarked against industry best practice being based on the recommendations of the UK’s Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds and its associated publications, and FIFA’s stadium regulations.

Our areas of expertise include project management, client representative, design development, value engineering, risk management, regulatory compliance, crowd safety, facilities, security, event management, ticketing, customer service etc.

We specialise in the development and implementation of stadium operations manuals which comprise management systems and procedures, risk assessments, contingency and emergency plans required for both event/match and non-event/match day venue operations.

As part of our expansion we are now able to offer professional advice on business planning and financing of new stadium or redevelopment projects and the development of specialist innovation and technology projects.

Areas of Expertise

Planning & Development

New developments, redevelopments & renovations of existing stadiums & arenas.

Project Management & Monitoring

Procurement, managing & monitoring the project from concept to completion including commissioning.

Operations & Management

Preparation & implementation of operational planning, procedures & staff training.

Our Aim

Our aim is to share our considerable industry knowledge and expertise with our clients to ensure that they can achieve their ambitions for success and their aspirations are fulfilled.

Whether you currently manage a stadium, are undertaking a redevelopment or new build project and want to ensure operational success Stadium Advisory Services can offer a wide range of services that will enhance stadia design, operations and functionality to maximise utilisation and revenue streams whilst achieving efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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